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Re: R29 - phased out? Kathryn Wilson (19 Nov 1997 09:42 EST)

Re: R29 - phased out? Kathryn Wilson 19 Nov 1997 09:42 EST

Wendy Baldwin, Director, OER, NIH announced at the NCURA NIH workshop last
Thursday  that R29 applications will not be accepted after June 1.  When
this was mentioned to the program director I talked to he had not yet heard
it so it may still be filtering down to the institutes.  NIH will try to
find a new mechanism to accomodate new investigators in RO1 reviews but
they were not sure exactly how they would do it last Thursday.  The reason
for the change, they said, was that their studies indicate that R29
investigators are not as succesful in getting their next grant funded as
investigators holding R01s, probably because the funding level for R29s is
lower.  NIH plans to put more money into R01s to accomodate this change.

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