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Time & Effort Reporting mworden@xxxxxx 14 Nov 1997 12:39 EST

Our Institution is converting to a new payroll system and we have
decided that this is a good time to look at the formatting of our
Time & Effort Reports.

Each month when payroll is run reports are generated for each
employee receiving wages from a sponsored agreement account.  The
report shows the amount and percent of effort he/she is paid for each
account contributing to that employees wages.  Our office sends the
reports to each Principal Investigator to verify, sign, and date.
The reports are then returned to this office for monitoring.

I would like to see how other institutions who are documenting their
Time and Effort Reporting in a similar manner format their reports.
If you could fax a sample of your reports to me at (970) 351-6519, I
would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your assistance.

Mona L. Worden, Grants Specialist
University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, CO  80639
Phone: (970) 351-0864
Fax:  (970) 351-6519