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Re: Use of Off-Campus Rate Ralph Norton 12 Nov 1997 18:58 EST

Just as a thought:  what is your campus' travel policy?  Usually, you have to
a certain number of miles away from your home and/or work station before you are
eligible for mileage, per diems, etc.  It seems to me that if you're not far
away from campus to enter "travel mode," it should probably be considered

Gretchen Eckert wrote:

> I am interested in the policies of other institutions regarding the use of
> their off-campus indirect (F&A) cost  rate.  My particular interest is in
> how one determines what is off-campus and what is on-campus.
> I have an investigator who is trying to claim that her research  project is
> off-campus and should be allowed to use the off-campus rate because 1) all
> of her fieldwork is being collected off-campus; 2)her hired transcriber
> works out of his home, so all transcription will be done off-campus; 3) all
> copies of interviews from the fieldwork will be kept in a locked cabinet at
> the PI's home; and  4) all appointments will be set up using her phone at
> home, and 5) any copying needed will be done at a copy service, like Kinko's
> and not at the institution.
> Our indirect cost negotiation indicates that the off-campus rate is to be
> used when the research is being done at a location sufficiently distant from
> campus as to preclude use of the on-campus rate -- and I don't think home
> falls into that category.
> Would appreciate any information/guidance from the list.
> My thanks in advance.
> Gretchen
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