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Intellectual Property Rights Questions - Royalties Andrew Grant 11 Nov 1997 09:10 EST

I'm looking for some guidance on the question of royalties to be specified
in a proposal for a contract between a higher education institution and a
company.  The institution is seeking royalties on potential patentable
outcomes in the amount of 50%, the company does not want to pay more than
20%.  My sense is that this is all a matter of negotiation, but would like
to know if the numbers are realistic on both sides.  Is there any guidance
in the NSF or NIH general guidelines?  What is the experience of those who
are involved in tech transfer programs on this question?

I'm researching this for a friend.  We seminarians don't get much traffic
in the tech transfer area -- although if anyone needs a CD-ROM version of
the Talmud, don't hesitate to call.

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