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Electronic "Signatures"? DeCracker, Merilynn 03 Nov 1997 08:45 EST

We recently had a workshop with a representative from NSF's FastLane
(Dan Hofherr).  After the workshop, a faculty member approached me and
asked if our Sponsored Programs office might use an electronic version
of our internal form, a two-page summary of the proposal requirements
that is submitted for our records with all proposals.

The faculty member said there are several software packages available
for electronic approvals that can reliably take the place of approval
signatures on paper forms. Does anyone know anything about such
software?  Thanks so much for whatever help you can provide.


Merilynn DeCracker
Senior Information Specialist
Division of Sponsored Programs
U. of South Florida
3702 Spectrum Drive, Suite 155
Tampa, FL  33612-9421
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