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What is a sponsored project? Wilma G. Ennenga 14 Dec 2001 11:28 EST

Good morning from snowy Flagstaff. For a cup of hot chocolate and some
Christmas cookies, would you'all weigh in on the following questions?

1. How does your institution manage the funds received for programs that
serve primarily external clients providing (a) non-credit training, (b)
analytical services, (c) summer enrichment camps, etc.?

2. Who institutionally is responsible for overseeing these funds and what
regulatory guidelines do you follow?

3. If the purchaser is a federal agency, do you handle this differently
than if it is say a computer workshop open to anyone?

4. If funds for these programs are federal passthrough what guidelines
should be followed?

5. Would you consider these service centers, auxiliary enterprises,
something else?

Thanks for your thoughts.


P.S. -- The hot chocolate's warm and the cookies are being consumed
rapidly, so this offer won't last long!

Wilma G. (Winnie) Ennenga
Director, Office of Grant and Contract Services
Northern Arizona University
BAC 100C, Building 51, Knoles Drive
Flagstaff, AZ 86011-4130

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