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Virus you are probably infected Lynn Johnson 11 Dec 2001 14:18 EST

I was and it went into my address book.  Please send to everyone else in your
address book.  This will delete your hard drive in about 14 days.
---------------------- Forwarded by Lynn Johnson on 12/11/2001 02:18 PM

David Westbrook
12/11/2001 12:31 PM

To:   Mary Pat xxxxxx@NAS, Lynn xxxxxx@NAS, Robyn
Subject:  Virus

I'm sending this because I found this virus in my computer system
and it may be in yours since you are in my address book!  This
notice was sent to me from a colleague outside the Academy who
has me on his address book.  I've already sent this e-mail to the rest
of my staff.

This is a virus that is spread from address book to address book. It
is apparently undetectable by Norton.  It remains dormant for
about 14 days then activates and wipes out the hard drive data. The
directions for removing it are easy:

>1. Go to 'start' - then to 'find or search'
> > > >>(depending on your computer)
>2. In the 'search for files or folders'
> > >type
> > > >>in sulfnbk.exe -- this is the virus.
>3. In the 'look in' make sure
> > >you're
> > > >>searching Drive C.
>4. Hit 'search' button (or find)
>5. If this file
> > >shows
> > > >>up (it's an ugly blackish icon that will have the name
>6. Right click on the file - go down to delete and left
> > >click.
> > > >>
>7. I will ask you if you want to send it to the recycle bin, say yes.
> > > >>Go to your desktop (where all your icons are) and double click on
> > > >>recycle bin.
>9. Right click on sulfnbk.exe and delete again - or empty
>the bin.
>  If you find it send this email to all in your address book,
> > > >>that's how it's transferred.

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