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Time and Effort reports Amy Hibbard 05 Dec 2001 20:36 EST

More Time and Effort reporting questions:

Someone asked a similar question last month, but I don't think there was a
specific response.  NSF's Prospective New Awardee Guide states that time and
effort records must contain "the hours, or percentage of effort, and
employee worked each day during a given pay period" (Section C).  This seems
unnecessarily time consuming and nearly impossible to enforce.  We've
instituted monthly T&E reports, in keeping with DHHS regs, and faculty are
already grumbling.  I suspect they'll mutiny if we push for a more detailed
Is NSF enforcing this reporting requirement?  Has anyone had any trouble
(audit trouble) using other reporting periods?  How detailed are your T&E

I've seen some of the T&E reports that others have posted, but they are not
nearly as detailed as the NSF regs require.

Answers, suggestions, commiserations?

"All power corrupts, but we need the electricity."

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