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FYI--Information on a new position at the Memphis VA . . .

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Debbie -

We are expanding the VA Research Staff to include a position responsible for
research assurance and compliance issues and for related training.  The
first priority would be Human Subjects/IRB functions, followed by IACUC,
Safety, and Research Integrity/Misconduct.  Applicants will need to have
knowledge of Federal Regulations concerning Human Subjects and IRB

If you know anyone in the research community who might be interested (or who
would be willing to post the announcement), please forward this e-mail or
ask them to contact me.  If you feel it is appropriate, maybe you could
forward to the MARA group - or I would be glad to do so if you could share
their e-mail addresses with me.

Attached is an abbreviated position description and the internal VA
announcement - but the position is open to external candidates, as well.
The Website for the external announcement is
<http://www.usajobs.opm.gov/wfjic/jobs/BX8919.HTM> .  Although it closes
7/9/01, I expect we will need to extend it.

Anyone who is interested should also contact me at 577-7266 or
xxxxxx@med.va.gov <mailto:xxxxxx@med.va.gov>  or Diane Pickering at
523-8990, x-5301, or send either of us a resume.

If you have any other ideas for recruitment resources, I would be very
interested.  I hope to get an ad into the newspaper this weekend.  Thanks.

Carol Huff

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