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Re: Late Fees Rochelle Athey 27 Dec 1999 11:11 EST
Susan:  we do not charge fees -- it's hard enough getting payment from
some sponsors.  :-)

Rochelle Athey
Director, Sponsored Programs
Cal Poly State University Foundation
805-756-1123/805-756-5588 fax

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From: scamber [mailto:xxxxxx@U.WASHINGTON.EDU]
Sent: Thursday, December 23, 1999 8:34 AM
Cc: scamber
Subject: Late Fees

Do any of you in post-award offices charge late fees on delinquent
payments on grant and contract receivables? If so, do you charge all
sponsors?  Only non-federal sponsors?  How is it working...have you seen
an improvement in your ability to collect promptly?

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!


Susan D. Camber                         Assistant Controller
University of Washington                Grant and Contract Accounting
3917 University Way NE                  Management Accounting and
Seattle, WA  98105-6692                 Box #351122
PHONE: (206)543-8951  FAX: (206)543-0764

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