Re: fastlane glitches Todd Travis 15 Dec 1999 10:45 EST

Even with Acrobat version 3, it could still be the embedded fonts.  They will
do the same thing with 3 or 4.  The fix is very similar with version 3 or 4.
It's in the distiller options.  I believe that the distiller defaults to
embedding only font subsets below 35% or something like that - and it should be
changed to embedding 100%.  I believe that it is in the job options in the
distiller settings.

Many times you won't see this problem if you print the document from the same
computer that you created the .pdf file from.  But if you print from a
different computer (or after it has been uploaded to NSF) the formatting errors
will magically appear!

We have also run into .pdf conversions that look blurry and illegible on the
screen but print out fine.  This seems to occur only when converting from TeX
or LaTeX files.  We still haven't figured that one out yet!

Hope some of this may help!

Anne Womack wrote:

> Thanks very much, unfortunately our PI only has Acrobat 3 and
> sent us the files in both PS and PDF format over email (and to
> think that only two years ago I couldn't even talk like this).
> Seriously we may try to persuade all PIs to get '4.  Most FL
> proposals go out without a hitch, but this missing letter problem is
> a gigantic pain when it happens.  Anne W.

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