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POSITION AVAILABLE Julia Stewart 13 Dec 1999 13:09 EST



Requires 2-3 years experience in grants/contracts administration.  Degree in
business administration or related field is highly preferred.  The candidate
will also have PC skill in MS Word and Excel;  excellent oral, written and
interpersonal skills.  Will handle multiple tasks and tight deadlines;
prepare spreadsheets/tables and contracts.  Basic accounting knowledge is a

In this position you will assist in the final review, completion and
submission of grants, contract and subcontract agreements, including budgets
and justifications, as well as track post award activity for over 150
third-party agreements.  Additionally you will assist in a wide variety of
administrative and budgetary functions.

We offer a competitive salary and excellent benefits package. No relocation
funds are available for this position.

About the Organization:
The National Childhood Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit organization
dedicated to eliminating cancer as the disease that causes more deaths
during childhood than any other.  This is accomplished by raising funds from
public and private sources for support of research on childhood cancers and
by education and advocacy to benefit children and young adults with cancer
and their families. The Foundation is located in Arcadia, CA., in the
foothills just east of Pasadena.  Visit our Web Site at

Contact Information:
Fax: (626) 447-6359
440 E. Huntington Dr.
PO Box  60012
Arcadia, CA  91066

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