oops Michele Sanchez Schwietz 08 Dec 1999 16:24 EST

How many of you have had the experience of sending something inadvertently
to a listserv?  It's happened to me, and for those of you NOT interested in
Banner 2000 implementation, please disregard the message that I sent to the
Research Administrators list in error.

(You know how those little Microsoft shortcuts are supposed to save time?
Well, the default address for the staff in the research area at my
university is very similar to the address for the Resadm list --  so that's
how it happened!)

However, for those of you interested in Banner 2000 implementation, and in
particular, the Research Accounting module, I'd love to hear about your
comments & feedback about Banner.  (E-mail me directly at
xxxxxx@grove.iup.edu if you like.)


Michele Sanchez Schwietz
Interim Associate Dean for Research
110 Stright Hall, 210 South 10th Street
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
(724) 357-2655/2223