Fw: RESADM-L Digest - 1 Dec 1999 to 2 Dec 1999 Greg Schmidt 07 Dec 1999 09:04 EST

Erin Lindsay requested me to forward this to the listserv.  Sorry it took me
awhile to do so as I was out of pocket yesterday.

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From: Lindsay, Erin <xxxxxx@ape.caltech.edu>
To: 'Gregory Schmidt' <xxxxxx@famu.edu>
Date: Friday, December 03, 1999 2:21 PM
Subject: FW: RESADM-L Digest - 1 Dec 1999 to 2 Dec 1999

>I enjoyed seeing some of the ideas on ResAdm regarding the tools for
>research administrators, whether they be articles to read or web sites to
>link. So I created a web site at:
>My idea is to provide the site, and let others provide the content. My
>problem is that I can't email ResAdm-L because of email stuff (the address
>I'm subscribed from I can't actually access--it's forwarded from there. .
>.). Would you be willing to send a message stating basically the following?
>I enjoyed seeing the ideas bantered around by Glenn Krell, Lee McDaid, Tara
>Sinclair, and Greg Schmidt. I think y'all are right on target, so I created
>a quick web site where we can store this stuff:
>Now, mind you, I only want to provide the web site and get the content out
>there. It is up to the rest of you to provide content for the web site.
>created a few subject areas, but am definitely open to other suggestions. I
>don't want to recreate some good sites already out there, like TRAM, but
>merely provide a jumping station for research administrators (especially
>newcomers, like Tara!).
>Also, I would like to include subscription information about this listserv.
>Is there a web site out there that has this information?
>Let me know what you think.
>Erin B. Lindsay
>User Liaison, Research Admin.
>(626) 395-3596
>(626) 568-1274 (fax)

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