Re: Cost-share question Tania H. Clucas 12 Oct 1999 12:00 EST

Not in my experience (Does it have to be US flag carrier). We have a program
here where we have to do 1:1 non-federal/federal cost share, and it's none of
the feds business or concern where the funding comes from, as long as it's not
from them, directly or indirectly. We've had cost-share from local government,
private industry, international foundations, and foreign governments (a Canadian
Coast Guard Vessel). As long as we fulfill our portion of the cost share, and
document it, the feds haven't been upset. We do document our cost-share and
in-kind very carefully.

The Fly-America Act wouldn't be a concern with the non-federal funding, unless
it was part of the terms and conditions of the award. Which would seem unlikely.

"Farnsworth, Franci" wrote:

> Another foreign travel question:    We're working on a budget with 2:1
> nonfederal:federal cost-share requirement.      If the total budget includes
> foreign travel but the cost will be paid completely by the non-federal
> matching source, does it still  have to be on a US flag carrier?
> Frances Vinal Farnsworth
> Coordinator of Sponsored Research

 Accountability and accounting are not the same thing

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