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Query about NSF's ABR proposals William Campbell 22 Sep 1999 08:57 EST


One of our mathemeticians has held a NSF RUI grant for the past few years and
wants to apply for renewal, taking his project in a slightly different
direction.  The recently announced 10/15 deadline date for RUI's blindsided us;
he doesn't think he can prepare a competitive narrative by then.

He recently read in the NSF Program Guide of Accomplishment Based Renewals, an
NSF-wide option whereby PI's can submit up to six re- or preprints of papers in
lieu of the project description in the narrative.  The idea is, those papers
will demonstrate the worth of the program, convincing the readers that it
should be refunded.

The NSF program officer has never seen an ABR, few of the old hands he
consulted have seen one either.  Does anyone out there have any experience with
ABR's?  Will you share, either with the list or with me?

Thanks, Bill Campbell
Director, Grants & Research
University of Wisconsin-River Falls

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