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Re: Shannon Award Herbert B. Chermside (20 Sep 1999 15:27 EST)

Re: Shannon Award Herbert B. Chermside 20 Sep 1999 15:27 EST

Yes, VCU has waived frequently, but be aware that our Research VP is
unusually liberal about waivers.

At 11:43 AM 9/17/99 -0400, you wrote:
>NIH provides Shannon awards (R55) to some applicants who are close, but
>not within the Institute's payline.  These pay $50,000 total costs per
>year for up to 2 years, and include 25% ($10,000) facilities and
>administration costs.  A faculty member has asked that we waive F&A
>costs for her R55 so that additional direct costs will be available for
>the project.  She indicates NIH officials say this is often done by
>institutions.  Has your institution waived R55 F&A costs to increase
>direct costs available to a principal investigator?
>Sheila L. Vrana,  Ph.D.
>Director, Sponsored Research
>Wake Forest University School of Medicine
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