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Subcontract Procedures Baker, Robert 17 Sep 1999 13:45 EST

Bob Killoren, Assistant Vice President for Research at Penn State, has asked
me to obtain input from as many universities as possible regarding
subcontracting procedures instituted as a result of federal audits or
contractor procurement systems reviews (CPSR).  The data obtained will be
used for a presentation Bob is making at the FDP meeting at the end of this
month.  All the questions are Yes/No except for the last one.

Institution Name:

Has your institution instituted a formal/written subcontracting procedure?

Was the procedure implemented as a result of a federal audit?

Was the procedure implemented as a result of a CPSR?

Does your procedure incorporate the Procurement requirements  (Sections 40
through 48) of OMB Circular A-110?

Is your procedure identical for BOTH prime contracts and grants?

If a required subcontracting procedure is in place, please provide a quick
analysis of the qualitative benefit of the procedure vs. the amount of
work/time involved in following the procedure.

Please reply to

I will provide also provide a summary of the data received to any one



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