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Re: Shannon Award Sally Eckert-Tilotta 17 Sep 1999 11:23 EST

Our institution waives allowed F&A costs (or a portion of it) for any sponsor if the institution has decided to invest in a particular area that is addressed by that proposed project.  For example, we invest in new investigators, so if the PI were a new investigator, we would consider waiving F&A.  Or if the project was such that if it were funded, there would be a big payoff down the road.  While we have no Shannon awards here, the fact that it funds feasibility studies that might result in future NIH grants indicates that it might be an area where we would consider waiving at least a portion of the F&A.

Sally Eckert-Tilotta, PhD, Assistant to the Director
Office of Research and Program Development
University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND  58202
tel:  701-777-2049
fax: 701-777-2504

>>> Sheila Vrana <xxxxxx@WFUBMC.EDU> 09/17 10:43 AM >>>

NIH provides Shannon awards (R55) to some applicants who are close, but
not within the Institute's payline.  These pay $50,000 total costs per
year for up to 2 years, and include 25% ($10,000) facilities and
administration costs.  A faculty member has asked that we waive F&A
costs for her R55 so that additional direct costs will be available for
the project.  She indicates NIH officials say this is often done by
institutions.  Has your institution waived R55 F&A costs to increase
direct costs available to a principal investigator?

Sheila L. Vrana,  Ph.D.
Director, Sponsored Research
Wake Forest University School of Medicine

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