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Re: University rankings by sponsored programs Randall Legeai (16 Sep 1999 17:32 EST)

Re: University rankings by sponsored programs Randall Legeai 16 Sep 1999 17:32 EST

At 10:29 AM 09/16/1999 -0500, Sally Eckert-Tilotta wrote:
>I'm looking for a list of higher educational institutions ranked by their
>funding level of sponsored programs.  Does anyone have any ideas who
>publishes such a list, and where could I find it?  As in all things, ASAP.


You can find some of the prepared reports on the NSF/SRS website at
You can also design your own report on the WebCaspar website, accessible
via  <>.

These data are from the NSF R&D expenditures survey (through FFY 97), and
allow you to define the types of institutions and disciplines, but not
funding agency.  You can also create a ranked list based on federal S&E
obligations. This will allow you to see obligations by institution by
federal agency, but not by discipline.

Randall J. Legeai
Assoc. Director, <>Institutional Program
Development and Gov't/Agency Affairs
Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana 70118, USA
(phn) 504/865-5758 ext. 1846.  (fax) 504/865-5274

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