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Re: Mandatory Financial Training Program for Faculty Paplauskas,Leonard 13 Sep 1999 09:40 EST

The University of Connecticut Health Center has implemented a policy
requiring a certain amount of "grant/contract compliance" training for all
faculty and staff involved in funded research.  I will be pleased to provide
details if you wish to call me.

Leonard P. Paplauskas
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research
University of Connecticut Health Center
ASB-3, MC5355
Farmington, CT   06030-5355
860.679.3173 (voice)
860.6792670 (fax) (external e-mail) (internal e-mail)

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> Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 1999 1:13 PM
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> Subject:      Mandatory Financial Training Program for Faculty
> Our university is interested in knowing, if any of your institutions have
> implemented or are in the process of developing, a mandatory financial
> training program for faculty that are responsible for university accounts,
> or have signature authority on financial transactions?  This program might
> include basic information about the accounting system and the various
> transactions, how to accomplish certain types of financial tasks, what it
> means to be the "responsible person" for an account, etc. We also plan on
> developing a statement of ethics and accountability that would be signed
> once this training was complete.
> Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Please reply
> via the Resadmin-L, or contact Mark Coburn directly.  Thank you for your
> time.
> Sincerely,
> Mark S. Coburn, Director
> Office of Research & Project Administration
> University of Rochester
> 515 Hylan Building, RC Box 270140
> Rochester, New York 14627
> Phone: (716) 275-5370
> Fax: (716) 275-9492

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