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Re: What means of internal communication do you use at your insti tuti ons? Herr, Barbara 10 Sep 1999 10:39 EST

Thanks for this helpful information. We will try to summarize all replies in
our presentation.

Barbara E. Herr, MS, CCRC
Assistant Professor of Neurology
Executive Director,
Neuromuscular Disease Center
Box 673
University of Rochester Medical Center
Rochester, New York 14642
Phone (716) 275-7983
Fax (716) 256-1423

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Subject: Re: What means of internal communication do you use at your
instituti ons?

Here at the University of Scranton we have a monthly meeting similar to
yours.  The group consists of the Dean of the Graduate School/Director
of Research, myself (Director of Researach Services), the Grants
Information Specialist in my department, our secretary, the Director of
Foundation and Corporate Relations from the Institutional Advancement
Office, the Grants Accountant from the Treasurer's Office, and the
Executive Director of our Center for Public Initiatives.  We meet for
about an hour - provide updates, iron out problems, and find it
invaluable in fostering communication and collaborative effort. The
group has no official title, but I think of it as the Grants Team.

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