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Incentive Payments Matt Ronning 09 Sep 1999 11:42 EST

Good Morning:

This message is cross listed on MCWIRB and RESADM-L to obtain perspective from the compliance side as well as the administrative/fiscal side of this issue.

I understand that this question has been asked in the past on MCWIRB but I would like to rephrase and re-ask the question hoping for some specific and updated answers.

Although we rarely use cash as subject incentive for participation on research projects this situation does arise from time to time.  My questions are:

1)  How do your organizations handle cash payments to subjects from an accounting perspective?

2)  Do you have a mechanism to allow for cash payments without completing all of the necessary procurement paperwork or salary papers, etc?

3)  Do you have a policy on cash incentive payments to employees for participation (e.g. you do not allow it or you do and treat it as supplemental pay, etc.)?

4)  If your cash payments are required to be made by check and normal fiscal processing, how do you maintain confidentiality of the subjects?

Your response either directly to or to the list is greatly appreciated.


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