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Institutional Base Salary vs. Cap in Applications - Summary Evelyn J. Ford 09 Sep 1999 11:00 EST

Many thanks to all of you who responded to my query in July.  There were 18
responses.  Although there was no direct response from anyone at NIH, a
number of respondents quoted interactions with NIH personnel, either
one-on-one or at SRA/NCURA seminars.  The numbers are:

1)  Perform budget calculations on the cap AND enter the cap in place of
institutional base salary when necessary:  7.

2)  Perform budget calculations on the cap BUT cite the true institutional
base salary in all instances:  9 (only 1 respondent indicated that salaries
are sometimes left blank if the P.I. wishes).

3)  Perform budget calculations on and cite the institutional base salary:  2.

NIH was a silent partner, though no direct response was received from
anyone at NIH; one respondent did quote a conversation with a specific
person at NIH.  In all but one instance, method #2 was quoted as the NIH
preference.  One person said that NIH had suggested that he use method #3,
that NIH would adjust at the point of award.

A second question arose, which I directed solely to the original
respondents.  Unfortunately, I didn't receive too many answers, and would
be most appreciative of further input from the group:  Does your total
institutional salary include academic, clinical, administrative, and any
incentive pay, or do you cite something less than this?

Thanks again to the lively discussions and comments I received!

-- Evelyn

Date:         Thu, 29 Jul 1999 08:10:01 -0400
From: "Evelyn J. Ford" <>
Subject:      Federal Salary Cap & PHS398 Form Page 4

I am interested in learning how various institutions are showing (or not
showing, as the case may be) and calculating salaries for individuals whose
compensation exceeds the federal cap.  Are you leaving the institutional
salary column blank (PHS398 form page 4, when required) or inserting the
fed cap in that column, then performing the calculations on the cap?  Do
you provide an explanation in the budget justification?  If either one of
these two, have you been called by NIH at the time of an award to provide
the specific salary information even tho the award from NIH will be limited
to the cap as the base?  Thanks for your input.

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