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What means of internal communication do you use at your instituti ons? Herr, Barbara 08 Sep 1999 16:21 EST

Four of us at the University of Rochester Medical Center are writing a paper
which will be presented at the national SRA meeting this fall. The topic is
our Medical Center Administrative Group, which is a voluntary organization
(with a budget from the Medical Center) of departmental administrators. We
have monthly meetings at which we disseminate information, discuss problems,
and give feedback to central administration. The Research
Administration/Research Accounting Sub-committee meeting lasts 90 minutes
and is attended by the heads of the Office of Research and Project
Administration, Sponsored Project Accounting, Audit, Indirect Cost
Accounting, and The Research Subjects Review Board, who each give us monthly
updates. It is a great way to educate each other, discuss the latest issues,
and try out ideas about better ways of doing things.

In our paper we would like to discuss whether this kind of internal
organization is common or uncommon. If you have anything that serves the
same purpose at your institution, we would be interested in hearing about it
and might make reference to it in our article. Of course, this is a last
minute request. I need the information by the morning of September 13.

Barbara E. Herr, MS, CCRC
Executive Director,
Neuromuscular Disease Center
Box 673
University of Rochester Medical Center
Rochester, New York 14642
Phone (716) 275-7983
Fax (716) 256-1423

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