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Mandatory Financial Training Program for Faculty Dick, Barbara A. 08 Sep 1999 12:13 EST
Our university is interested in knowing, if any of your institutions have
implemented or are in the process of developing, a mandatory financial
training program for faculty that are responsible for university accounts,
or have signature authority on financial transactions?  This program might
include basic information about the accounting system and the various
transactions, how to accomplish certain types of financial tasks, what it
means to be the "responsible person" for an account, etc. We also plan on
developing a statement of ethics and accountability that would be signed
once this training was complete.

Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Please reply
via the Resadmin-L, or contact Mark Coburn directly.  Thank you for your


Mark S. Coburn, Director
Office of Research & Project Administration
University of Rochester
515 Hylan Building, RC Box 270140
Rochester, New York 14627
Phone: (716) 275-5370
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