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Re: Contract Negotiations Lisa R. Ballance [VCU Trials-Outcomes Inst] 08 Sep 1999 10:25 EST
I have noted that clauses are also the hold-up!

Have found that a single issue (e.g., equitable relief language) should
not delay by more than 3 back-and-forths.  This means 3 hours or days or

So, there is no "maximum" that I am privy to -- however, with each
contract, we keep a negotiation log.  This allows us to keep the
investigator informed and document delays (good to show the PI).

Recently, I had a CRO, Sponsor Company, and Law Firm ALL involved in the
negotiation of a contract -- so let me add, the more parties, the more
time it seems to take!  In this case, I emailed the Inv. with updates
including last action taken and next action expected.

Good Luck!!!!!

Susan Benjamin wrote:
> Here is one of those "simple" questions for which there is no simple
> answer.  What is the "normal" length of time it takes for the negotiation
>  and processing of a commercial sponsor agreement which requires
> negotiations?  This would be the time from receipt of the proposed
> agreement in the Grants Office to execution of the final agreement.  We
> have had our share of the "easy" ones and that is not really my question.
>  It seems more and more negotiations are required for various clauses.  We
>  find it sometimes will take the sponsor quite a bit of time to respond to
> our comments or requests to revise clauses.  We are meeting with a group of
> researchers who have posed this question, with the indication that it takes
> longer then necessary to process the agreements in question.
> Thanks in advance.
> Susan Benjamin
> Grant Administrator
> Health Research, Inc.
> (518)431-1261
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