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Re: Use of US Air Flag Carriers Ruth Tallman 03 Sep 1999 08:31 EST

You may tease us, Richard, but you have to explain what "GM"
stands for?  General Motors?

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Tim Sparklin wrote:

> The guidelines for government paid international travel are specific in
> determining when and where to use US and foriegn air carriers.  But this
> interesting twist just came to light: What about the US carriers who are
> in partnership with a foreign air service (ie. US Airways and British
> Airways)? We have an instance of an  individual who wants to use British
> Airways for an international trip, citing the partnership with the US
> carrier as a way of "staying within the Fly America Act".  Is this going
> out on a limb or what?  Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

Just to comment that this kind of restrictive anti-competitive rule
would be illegal over here.  But if we agree to eat your GM food, will
you fly on our planes??

Just teasing .....


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