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Re: Response to GEPPS posting Gary M. Talarchek 01 Sep 1999 18:10 EST

TB: I am trying to decode this posting. Does this mean that some foundations are
requiring on-line submisssions via this GEPPS? Please investigate.

Marilyn Keyes wrote:

> This is in response to Nancy Dean's e-mail about the foundation commons
> site, GEPPS (Grantmakers Electronic Proposal Processing System).
> We especially appreciate Nancy's alert about a porn site having the .com
> version of GEPPS. This information has caught us and the GEPPS Consortium
> (the American Cancer Society, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation) unaware,
> as the .com site was a private web page until quite recently. The move to a
> new name -- -- had already started, and
> this pushes it to top priority.
> The goal of the consortium is to bring the electronic grants submission
> process to the private community, just as it is being done for the federal
> community. Research and Management Systems, Inc. (RAMS), has built the web
> site for the Consortium and provides its support.
> does, in fact, require organizational approval for any
> grant application. Because currently the electronic submission process
> cannot provide a way to attach signatures, a paper copy containing
> signatures MUST be received by the deadline in order for the grant to be
> considered. The Consortium highly values the work of
> research administrators in providing assistance to faculty and researchers
> in the grant management process. The site states that GEPPS provides the
> "Ability to submit secure proposals from PI's with appropriate Research
> Office approval." If a PI submits an electronic submission and does not
> follow that with a cover sheet with all appropriate signatures, the
> application will not go forward.
> Recently CFF made a decision to require electronic submission along with a
> paper copy submission, and is the route used for
> electronic submission.
> ACS does not require the electronic process and is providing it as an
> alternative for applicants beginning to learn how to use the web for doing
> business.
> If using electronic submission, you must have either Adobe Acrobat Exchange
> (3.0) or Adobe Acrobat (4.0) -- one or the other of these software systems
> is required to save information in the .pdf format and to work with the
> Acrobat forms that make up the application. Adobe technology was chosen
> because it enables the PI to download the application form from the
> site, work on the application off the web as
> convenient, copy it, circulate it, and upload the finished application.
> There were some early problems using Adobe Exchange 3.0 that have been
> cleared up. We apologize for problems anyone incurred trying to use 3.0 in
> the past and have been assured by recent applicants that 3.0 can be used
> successfully.
> has a FAQ and staff available for assistance at all
> times to help applicants with the electronic submission process. We can't
> claim a perfect record, but consider customer service our #1 priority.
> Additionally, we provide users with the ability to provide specific
> suggestions on making the process easier, and have implemented some great
> ideas submitted by our user base.
> Please let us know of any suggestions or comments. The URL for feedback is
> Marilyn Keyes
> Vice President, Research and Management Systems, Inc. (RAMS)
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