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Important Message for Hospital Administrators Thane Peterson 01 Sep 1999 10:26 EST

If you are a research administrator working at a healthcare organization, please read the following message:

There are numerous healthcare organizations around the country being affected by cuts in Medicare.  For those working at research programs supported by healthcare organizations, reductions in Medicare typically mean reductions to research and development funds.  As a research administrator at a healthcare organization, we need to join forces with the healthcare industry to let Congress know that continued cuts in Medicare are unacceptable.

The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (BBA) cut Medicare spending for America's hospitals by more than $70 billion over five years - a 10.5 percent reduction. These Medicare cuts affected not just Medicare beneficiaries, but all patients and the entire healthcare industry.

Congress and the White House will soon make crucial decisions about restoring these Medicare cuts that are crippling the ability of hospitals and other provider organizations to care for patients. In an effort to persuade our legislators, please take part in a national campaign led by the American Hospital Association.

Every day hospitals and health systems provide quality healthcare services to people in their communities. It's time to let Congress and the White House hear the collective, unified voice of the entire healthcare community.

During the week of September 6 to 12, please participate in the "Hospital Caregivers for BBA Relief Week" campaign. The national goal is to send one million letters from hospital employees and others in the hospital community to Congress and the President urging BBA relief now. Letters should be sent to your senators, representatives and President Clinton.

Congress and the President can restore some of the excessive BBA cuts now. But we must demonstrate that our cause has the broadest support possible. Considering that 4.2 million people are employed full-time in America's hospitals, our reach can be enormous. Please join us in this effort. Send your letter today!

Thane J. Peterson
Director of Administration
Human Gene Therapy Research Institute
1415 Woodland Avenue, Suite 218
Des Moines, Iowa  50309

515-241-8788 FAX


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