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Need Model Policy for "Off-the-Street" Projects Barbara Gray 23 Jun 1999 08:22 EST

Dear RESADMers,

We (College of Charleston) are beginning to get a number of
"off-the-street" requests from persons having no formal affiliation with
our institution to house their grant-funded projects.  We have no policy
or procedures established to evaluate these kinds of projects to
determine if it is in the best interests of the institution to get
involved.  (Frankly, we've become involved in a couple of these that
have become big administrative nightmares, either because the outsider
running the project doesn't want to play by the rules or the project
ends up costing College resources.  We've narrowly avoided
others--mostly because I raise a lot of questions about financial
viability, resource needs, "fit" with the mission of the institution,
and administrative housing of the project.)

It has become obvious that we need a formal method (policy and
procedures) to evaluate these "off-the-street" proposals and some
criteria for what we will consider housing and what we won't.  If any of
you have policies and procedures covering this type of activity, please
point me to your website or send me a copy. Please also share with the
list, as many of us probably face the same issue.



Barbara H. Gray, Director
Research & Grants Administration
College of Charleston
66 George Street
Charleston, SC  29424
Office:  843-953-5673
Direct:  843-953-5885
Fax:  843-953-6577
Campus Location:  407G Bell Bldg.


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