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Allocation of Remitted Tuition Matthew E. Clark 22 Jun 1999 10:50 EST

Hello everyone,

How do you handle the allocation of Grad Assistant tuition hours
throughout the calendar year?  How do you charge the costs to sponsored
accounts when the project period does not match the academic or calendar

Syracuse University awards 24 hours of remitted tuition for each
full-time graduate appointment.  (Full time appointments run from
Aug-May.)  We strongly suggest that the students use those credit hours
in the following manner to allow for appropriate levels of work and

9 hours fall, 9 hours spring, and 6 hours summer.

A problem arises when the tuition costs are charged to a sponsored
account which ends before the student has used all of her 24 hours.  For
example, if a project ends in May, the student has only used 18 hours of
tuition, but our accountants cannot allow tuition charges for
summer....  because those charges would hit after the accountants are
supposed to submit the final bill to the sponsor.

We don't want to force the students to take all of the 24 hours during
the academic year.  We don't want to make them work on another sponsored
account during the summer just so we'll have an account to charge
tuition to.  We don't want to tell the students that if their project
ends before they use their 24 hours they lose the unused hours.

What does the rest of the world do?

Thanks in advance,


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