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USDA - APHIS IDC Rates Rusty Okoniewski (18 Jun 1999 11:14 EST)
(Previous discussion continued)

USDA - APHIS IDC Rates Rusty Okoniewski 18 Jun 1999 11:14 EST

Could anyone please reply to me if you have charged IDC (F&A)costs relative
to USDA-APHIS. I cannot locate a definitive rule from APHIS.

In the past 5 years we have not implemented consistent indirect charges. It
ranges anywhere from 0% to 26% on projects that have received funding. The
most probably reasoning for the different rates seems to be a
differentiation on funded projects with 'CA' for "cooperative agreements"
and 'GR' for "grant awards". The cooperative agreements usually have 0% IDC
or sometimes 10% and the grants usually have 14% or 15%.

We need to know if there are any specific policies. I suspect we should be
charging the negotiated rate
for all APHIS projects. It would like to know if the   U. S. Forest Service
or APHIS has or would be willing to issue a policy statement in this regard.

Currently we are processing a renewal and in the past this project had been
labeled a cooperative agreement and has been funded at 0% indirect costs.
However, it is now being funded as a grant and I believe it should have
indirect costs assessed. (As far as that goes, I believe the CA probably
should have had indirect costs assessed, but we obviously missed it in years
gone by.)

 Any thoughts, suggestions, or experiences would be greatly appreciated.
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