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Re: New Faculty/Early Proposals Patricia Hagen, Ph.D. 16 Jun 1999 15:55 EST
Is the faculty member under contract already?
Patty Hagen

Ruth Tallman wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I have a question regarding new faculty submitting proposals.
> The situation is that the faculty member's appointment begins
> in February, 2000.  He is in industry now, not another university.
> He would like to begin submitting proposals this summer and
> fall for a start date after Feb., 2000.  What is your policy on
> submitting proposals before a new faculty member's appointment
> begins?  Specifically those coming from industry.
> Secondly, does anyone know of an agency which would not
> accept a proposal under these circumstances (except, of course,
> the CAREER and Young Investigator award programs)?
> Ruth
> Ruth Tallman
> Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
> Lehigh University
> e-mail:
> phone: (610) 758-3024
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