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Employment Opportunity at the Smithsonian Institution Karen Williamson 15 Jun 1999 16:34 EST

Please Note:  The following is NOT a federal position.  The mission of
the Smithsonian's Office of Sponsored Projects parallels that of a
University Sponsored Projects office.  Our retirement plan is with
TIAA.  Please send copies of this announcement to any interested
parties.  Thank you.

Announcement No.:   99MS-1180

 Office of Human Resources
 Vacancy Announcement

24 HOUR DIAL-A-JOB: (202) 287-3102



OPENING DATE:   June 18, 1999

CLOSING DATE:   July 9, 1999

POSITION TITLE/  Grant/Contract Financial Manager
ORGANIZATION    Office of Sponsored Projects
ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBER             99MS-1180
SERIES AND GRADE                         IS-501-12/13/14
SALARY                                           $48,796 -$89,142
Potential to IS-14

DUTY LOCATION:      Washington,  DC

AREA OF CONSIDERATION:     All qualified candidates including
qualified candidates with a disability.

DUTIES: The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) is a primary point of
administrative interface between the Smithsonian, public and private
organizations that provide funds for research, exhibitions and other
sponsored activities and federal government officers charged with
writing/enforcing regulations related to research funded through
grants and contracts. The incumbent serves as the manager of the
accounting function of grant and contract administration. Functions,
in cooperation with the OSP Director and Assistant Director, as senior
resource person in coordinating the scope, duties and responsibilities
inherent to the administration of grants and contracts sponsored by
the federal government and private organizations.  Supervises a team
of Grant/Contract Financial and Indirect Cost Analysts. Responsible
for planning, directing, coordinating and reviewing the work
assignments of staff engaged in those accounting functions that
support the Smithsonian's grant/contract and trust fund activities.

Responsible for developing financial management services for all
programs, projects and activities funded by external sources through
contracts, grants and cooperative agreements including
(1) policy analysis, development and implementation,
(2) automated systems management, analysis and development,
(3) financial management and control,
(4) contract administration,
(5) financial record keeping and reporting, and
(6) indirect cost and audit management and analysis.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Applicants must possess one year of specialized
experience equivalent to the next lower grade level.  Specialized
experience is experience which is in or related to the line of work of
the position and which has equipped the candidate with the particular
knowledge, skills and abilities to perform successfully the duties of
the position.

Selective Factors:   (Applicants must meet all of these mandatory
requirements in order to be considered qualified to compete for a

1.      Knowledge of theories, principles and practices in
grant/contract and fund accounting.
2.      Knowledge of computerized accounting systems.
3.      Ability to assign and review work of subordinates.

Quality Ranking Factors:   (These factors are not mandatory to be
considered for a position, but will be used to determine who are the
highest qualified candidates among those who meet the selective

1.      Knowledge of accounting principles and methods of audit
resolution, (A/P, A/R).
2.      Knowledge of OMB circulars and Federal Acquisition
3.      Knowledge of indirect cost rate calculation.
4.      Ability to supervise and manage teams.
5.      Skill in written communication.
6.      Skill in oral communication.


How to Apply:

1.      The Smithsonian Institution does not require a standard
application form, but we need certain information to evaluate your
qualifications.  You may apply using a resume, the Optional
Application for Federal Employment, or any other written application
form you choose, including an SF-171, Application for Federal
Employment.  See page 3 for further instructions.  (Note:  If you use
an SF-171, do not answer questions 38-47. Job finalists will be asked
to complete a Declaration for Federal Employment. The information on
this form will be used to determine suitability for Trust Fund
employment and to authorize a background investigation, if required.)

2.      Clearly describe in your resume or application your work
experience, education and/or training as it relates to this vacancy.
It is very important that you fully address how your work experience
and education/training meet both the specialized experience
requirement and the selective factors.  This information will be used
to determine whether or not you are qualified for this vacancy.
Selective factors establish qualifications to be eligible to compete
for the position. Quality Ranking Factors are not mandatory but are
used to determine who are the highest qualified candidates among those
eligible to compete for the position.  Therefore, it is to your
benefit to provide a full description of your experience,
education/training relative to the job requirements of this vacancy.

3.      The attached Background Survey Questionnaire should be
completed by all candidates, except Smithsonian Institution employees
and returned with the application. This is used for gathering
statistical data and will not be a part of the application.

Applications must be submitted to one of the addresses below and must
be received by the closing date.

Send your application to:

Smithsonian Institution
Office of Human Resources
Branch 1
P.O. Box 23762
Washington, DC  20026-3762


Bring your application to:

Smithsonian Institution
Office of Human Resources
955 L'Enfant Plaza, SW. Suite 2100
Washington, DC 20560
(Hours:  M-F, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

To obtain information on the Trust Fund Hiring Process, hear about
other Smithsonian vacancies, or request vacancy announcements, an
Optional Application for Federal Employment (OF-612), or an SF-171
(may be used for Trust Fund positions), call our automated Jobline on
(202) 287-3102 (accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week).

For further information please call (202) 287-2478 (voice) or (202)
287-3498 (TTY).

Page 2, 99MS-1180 130/375/500/350

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Karen S. Williamson
Novell Network Administrator
Grant Specialist

Office of Sponsored Projects
955 L'Enfant Plaza, SW
Suite #7400
Washington, DC 20560-0904
Phone:  (202) 287-2169
Fax:  (202) 287-3707

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