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Fish & Wildlife Service and F&A Barbara Gray 07 Jun 1999 14:44 EST

If you've had research funded by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, I
need your help fast!

We have a proposal pending for a fixed price research agreement with
FWS.  Their program officer (scientist) has asked us to waive all F&A
(indirect) costs.  FWS website indicates A-21 and A-110 apply.  I could
find nothing about special F&A policies.  I am to call the program
administrator in the morning, so I'm trying to find out about F&A
payments to other institutions so I hopefully have some ammo.

If you've had FWS funding, did you get indirect costs?  If so, at what
rate (full or reduced)?


Barbara H. Gray, Director
Research & Grants Administration
College of Charleston
66 George Street
Charleston, SC  29424
Office:  843-953-5673
Direct:  843-953-5885
Fax:  843-953-6577
Campus Location:  407G Bell Bldg.


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