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when students aren't Richard Moore 04 Jun 1999 09:56 EST

I am interested in knowing of any institutional policies that
allow recent graduates to continue to be categorized as
"students" even though they may not be registered.

The precise situation is an undergrad. who received their
degree in May and but still needs (or wants to) to complete a
research project begun before under a paid research
assistantship.  The professor (and the student) want to
continue the paid assistantship, but to do so the ex-student
must be categorized as a student.  Signing up for
independent study would cost the student nearly as much as they
will be paid.

I am getting lots of conflicting answers for the offices here on
campus - personnel says its can't be done, finance says its a
matter of academic policy and academic affairs says why do we
need a policy, everybody does it all the time?

You help (and samples of policies) would be appreciated.

 Dr. Richard H. Moore
 Assistant Vice President for Grants and Sponsored Research
Coastal Carolina University           Internet:
P.O. Box 261954                          Voice: 843-349-2050
Conway SC 29528-6054                       FAX: 843-349-2726

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