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NIH Modular Grants revisited -Reply Ronald Geller 16 Dec 1998 12:17 EST

Hello. I read your comments and have a few questions. What were the
"rumors."? that are now included. Basically, the model to be used in the
next several years is very much like that used during the last 4 years on a
limited basis. Our experience(NHLBI) is that reviewers DO NOT need the
budget detail, but they are used to it and up to this time have been on
some review groups that get it and others that do not. The new approach
will eliminate this confusion  for most reviewers. Most importantly, I think
this is an opportunity for your group to consider your opening question.
There are so many things changing at the same time and one needs to
look at the whole process, not just Modular grant applications.

Ronald G. Geller, Ph.D.
Chairman, NIH Modular Grant Committee