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Re: NSF consulting rate Pat Hawk 08 Dec 1998 12:29 EST

 You can't pay higher than the $453/day because that rate is stipulated in
 NSF's annual appropriation bill (it's equivalent to the max. daily rate
 for an Executive Schedule Level IV Federal employee).  In fact, that
 daily rate would also apply to EPA awards since they're in the same
 appropriation bill.  NASA should have the same cap; although I've never
 read their piece of that appropriation bill, I'm not sure how they could
 avoid it.

 But the good news is that the daily rate would only apply to "pay".
 Travel and subsistence are excluded from from that daily maximum rate.

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Subject: NSF consulting rate
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Hello everyone!

I continually run into issues regarding the NSF consulting rate which
has just gone from the old $443 to a big whopping $453 per day.

Has anyone out there been successful in negotiating the base rate to a
higher level or been able to justify hiring someone above the perdiem?
Defending higher rates in audit?  If so, would you share your insights
with me?


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