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Re: Overtime policies Pam Whitlock 02 Dec 1998 09:49 EST

It's my turn to ask for help from my collegues.

UNCW operates a remote marine science research lab in the Florida Keys.
We are in the process of adding staff, but have "run lean" in the past.
Missions are performed in an underwater habitat with 24 hour support
required at base.  Significant time is spent also in preparationi for
missions and maintenance of equipment.  As a result, the divers and boat
operators have accrued LOTS of compensatory time (up to 1000 hours in
one case).  These are considered "exempt" employees from the state
overtime requirements and earn comp leave at their supervisor's

A special policy was written to address these special needs, but it
needs improvement.  Can anyone share how overtime is controlled if you
have a similar group of employees required to work a lot of overtime?
Specifically, do anypolicies restrict amounts accrued or limit time the
OT can be carried, and have these policies been effective?  This is
currently a unique situation to one grant, but we want to design a
policy which will be applied to all employees of this type, regardless
of funding source.

If you can reply directly to me at the address below, I would appreciate
it.  Thanks, Pam
Pamela B. Whitlock
Director, Office of Research Administration
601 S College Road
Wilmington, NC  28403-3297
(910)962-3167 voice
(910)962-4011 fax