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*       Barbara and all:
*       The Office of Naval Research (ONR) has on its home page relevant
information relating to your question.  Point your browser to
*       Here you will find the Office of Small Business </osb/>. Small
Business Subcontracting Plan information, including:
*       Subcontracting Report for Individual Contracts (SF 294
*       Summary Subcontract Report (SF 295 <forms/sf295.pdf>)
*       Requirements for and Establishing a Small Business Subcontracting
Plan <subplan.htm>
*       Subcontracting Plan Example <subplex.pdf>
*       Checklist for Evaluation of Subcontracting Plans <subcklst.pdf>

 The requirement for submitting and executing a Small Business
Subcontracting Plan "goes with  the territory" for all Federal Contracts
over $500,000.  It's source legislation is the Small Business Act of 1958,
as amended.  More information can be found at the Federal Acquisition
Regulation, (FAR) Part 19.  This section of the FAR is "operationalized" in
your contract by the clauses at Section I, chiefly 52.219-8, -9, and -16,
and the DFARs clause at 252.219-7005.
 Your purchasing office at the University and local Small Business
Administration are also good starting points that may be able to assist you
in finding small businesses.  Since it is likely that ONR Chicago will be
doing the administration of this contract, feel free to call me if you need
more info or help!!

Todd Frye, Administrative Contracting Officer
ONR Chicago
(312) 886-5423, Ext. 237
Fax: (312) 353-6089

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> I am currently working on responding to solicitation issued by the US Army
> Engineer District.  The solicitation requires a subcontracting plan which
> demonstrates how goals for Samll Business, Small Disadvantaged Business,
> and
> Women-Owned Small Business participation will be met.  They do provide
> minimum subcontracting floors.  I was wondering if anyone has had the job
> of
> puting a plan together and was willing to share their thoughts and
> findings.
> Thank you all for your time.
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