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Re: Year 2000 transition Herbert B. Chermside 25 Aug 1998 09:38 EST

Re: Year 2000 transition Herbert B. Chermside 25 Aug 1998 09:38 EST

Check with a couple of knowledgable PI's and you'll find that Y2K
compliance for data,and reports ios a snap.  And is the PI's
responsibility.  Your potential problem areas are in executable software or
research output that depends on someone else's software -- and even those
are not too likely to cause problems IN THE OUTPUT TYPICAL OF UNIVERSITY

A blanket policy is not likely to work -- case-by-case, check with PI's ---
maybe making a Y2K compliance question on your internal approval sheet
would help.


At 04:51 PM 8/24/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I'd appreciate knowing how other universities are handling contract clauses
>re. Year 2000 data transition -- as the following --
>"Contractor warrants all products, reports, or data furnished or developed
>under this Agreement will, without human intervention, correction, or
>upgrade: a) perform an uninterrupted transition into the year 2000 with the
>correct system day and date and without adverse effect on normal opperation
>or feature, function, and performance; and b) correctly recognize,
>interpret, process (including calculate, sort, compare, and sequence),
>display, store, import, and export all date and date-dependent data
>(including leap-year calculations) from, into, and between the 20th and
>21st centuries. Contractor agrees to correct, at no additional cost, all
>defects and nonconformities within 90 days of notification with regard to a
>breach of the foregoing warranty."
>I don't think we can agree to warrant reports or data produced NOW to make
>"an uninterrupted transition" into the year 2000. Has anybody else seen
>similar language and how are you handling it?
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