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I have the same concerns.  Would you share the responses you receive
with me.


Tolliver McKinney
Research Administration

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 I have several questions because someone has come up with an
idea in our place.
 First, do any of you use on-line approval forms for your
proposals via a
 web site?  We are thinking of developing an form that faculty
members can
 prepare on line and submit for signature along with their
proposals and also
 be able to include the information into an access database.

 My next question is when do you use your approval forms?  Are
they prepared
 for new submissions only or do you prepare an approval form for
 as well?  If you use the method for new submissions only, do you
amend the
 original approval form when the continuation is prepared?

 I'd like to hear your responses.  You can mail me direct or
through the list

 Thank you,

        Eleanor Cicinsky
        Temple University