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Re: EPA Compliance Form Samuela Evans 14 Aug 1998 15:48 EST

Re: EPA Compliance Form Samuela Evans 14 Aug 1998 15:48 EST

This question has been discussed previously.  This is a resend of my
previous response.

I have discussed this new EPA requirement with other universities and with
staff as well. The Council of Governmental Relations (COGR) has also talked
with EPA about this form.  It was also discussed at an FDP meeting.  The
form should not apply to EPA research grants, but
the EPA Grants Officer said their legal office has decided to required it
for all awards.

Here are a couple of suggestions for completing the form:
The EPA EEO Officer in Region IX (California) was called and asked how it
should be completed.  Under Part III, the campus can acknowledged that
complaints had been filed and list the EEO/AA Director's telephone number
for further information.  You do not need to list any of the complaints.

Another responses to questions III and IV are to attach the DOL EEO-6 Form.
 The EPA Grants Officer said  that the EPA form is similar to the Dept.
of Education or the Dept. of Labor's EEO-6.  COGR's suggestion is to
attach the EEO-6 to this submission.  Some institutions are filling out
the form by stating in questions III and IV that this information has
previously been submitted to EEOC/OFCCP and they can get it from those

 On Part VII, "Population Characteristics", you can say "Not Applicable",
or what was suggested in the message below,
although some campuses are trying to fill out Part VII.  It really doesn't
apply to research grants.

At 03:44 PM 8/14/98 -0400, you wrote:
>We recently received EPA funding on a proposal for
>which we completed the Form 4700-4.
>We also found it nearly impossible to answer the
>population questions, so  answered with:  "see proposal for
>explanation of target population."
>An easy way out, but it worked!
>>Can anyone give guidance or hints as to filing out EPA Form 4700-4
>>"Preaward Compliance Review Report for All Applicants Requesting Federal
>>Assistance".  This is a Civil Rights Certification.  For research grants to
>>faculty, it seems difficult to estimate populations and subpopulations
>>which may benefit from the research.
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