Workshop speaker/leader sought Charles E. Graham 29 Jun 1998 12:39 EST

LSU and regional universities are looking for a speaker for a regional
grant proposal development conference who is well recognized for his/her
abilities. We would like to find a person who can focus on writing for
federal agencies, skipping the basic nuts and bolts stuff which can be
covered by someone else. We are interested in the strategies for
approaching federal agencies, finding out what they REALLY want and writing
a proposal tailored for a particular solicitation or research goal. A
practical discussion of how to find out where the hidden dollars are would
be helpful too.

Our main focus is on basic science and engineering; the agencies of
particular interest are NSF, Energy, EPA, DoD, Ag., Ed., NASA; we are light
on the life sciences, and even lighter on health sciences.

I'm aware questions have been asked about speakers before, but I'm not sure
there has been a request with this focus.

If you are aware of someone who meets this bill, my colleagues and I would
be grateful to hear from you, as would other listmembers, perhaps. I will
be out for about 3 weeks, but my colleagues will be reading the mail, so
please post responses to the list. If there is a need for a prvate
response, please contact the program chairman, Michael Salassi

Thanks, as always, Charlie

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