Payment to non-resident Sally Eckert-Tilotta (Sally Eckert-Tilotta) 30 Jun 1998 13:39 EST

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I checked the archives because I think this has been brought up before, but I
couldn't find the answers I was looking for, so here it is again.

How do institutions deal with paying non-resident aliens coming in the country
for seminars, collaborations, and such?  Our institution just flatly refuses to
pay them unless they have a certain visa (I don't know what kind) and we have a
photocopy of their passport and documentation.  However, a case that has come up
today is that a person who recently visited didn't have that "certain visa" ,
yet we are the only institution that has not paid him.  If that is true, then we
seem to be the only institution that hasn't figured out how to do this, yet.

Any suggestions?


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