Equipment Ruth Tallman 30 Jun 1998 12:37 EST


It seems the longer I'm in this business, the easier it is to become
confused!  I haven't had many situations where PI's wanted to sell
equipment. Two of our faculty want to sell equipment with original
purchase price over $5,000.  I checked A-110 and it pretty specifically
says the agency needs to be notified and the agency will try to find
a home within the federal government.  If the University ends up selling
the equipment, "the recipient shall sell the equipment and reimburse the
Federal awarding agency an amount computed by applying to the sales
proceeds the percentage of Federal participation in the cost of the original
project or program."

My question:  If the terms and conditions of an award stipulate that the
prior approvals of A-110 are waived, does that apply to the disposition
of equipment?  If so, what documentation needs to be done when
selling equipment purchased with grant funds?


Ruth Tallman
Lehigh University