Notes about posting to RESADM-L mlv03@xxxxxx 30 Jun 1998 08:22 EST

Over the last couple months using our new LISTSERV, there are a couple of
questions which frequently appear:

*  You will NOT receive your own postings (a flag is settable by each
member if you wish to receive them).  You WILL, however, receive a
acknowledgement that your message was sent to the list (by default).

*  When posting to RESADM-L, if you get a message stating you are not
subscribed, but you have been receiving the messages daily, it's because
your internet email address has changed (possibly without your knowledge).
Your administrator has forwarded the old addresses to your new one.  Hence,
you receive the posting via your old address, and cannot post via your new
one (the LISTSERV reads the FROM field on your postings to see if you're
subscribed).  If you have this problem, contact me at
with both your old and new addresses.

*  You WILL get several errors from various members when you send a message
to the list.  This is because of the new "standards", all email has to have
the FROM field set as the original sender of the note - and NOT the list.
Before, since the sender was the LISTSERV, it got all the errors.  Now,
since you are the sender, YOU will get some of the errors.  Most will be
those annoying "out of office" messages.  I believe there's one or two "too
many hops" errors.  But there should be less than 6 or 7 errors total - -
the rest are correctly sent to the listserv.

-- Mike