Website Intergrity/Research Issues Peter Koch 30 Jun 1998 06:46 EST

This is my second attempt at posting this message.  I apologize if you
have already received it or receive it again later.

Our institution is in the process of rolling out a comprehensive corporate
website.   The site covers all aspects of our mission - patient care,
research, and teaching.  We are attempting to formulate policy
(institution-wide as well as research-specific) regarding site content and
data maintenance responsibility.  I would be interested in sample policies
that others are using or developing.  Some problematic issues related to
research are:

1.  Who maintains, verifies, and updates content, much of which is
"technical" - individual divisions/departments or some central
gatekeeper?  Do you restrict certain types of content (e.g. animal

2.  What restrictions are appropriate for citing publications,
presentations, external funding, etc.?  Do you limit how old data is, who
can count what, etc.?

3.  How do you handle clinical trials, industry collaborations, etc., where
you want to solicit business but do not want to breach confidences,



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