Data Ownership Diane Austin 29 Jun 1998 09:20 EST

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As a small not-for-profit, I find that we are always a bit behind in the area of policy development.  We have a policy on the retention of data, but this policy doesn't address what I consider to be two very important issues (access and ownership).  I've looked over COGR's 1996 document entitled "Policy Considerations: Access to and Retention of Research Data" which suggests that a lot of institutions have dealt with the issues of access and retention, but not that of custody, ownership, or transfer of data.  I intend to expand our policy to address these issues.  What position have you taken on custody and ownership?  Does ownership differ based on the type of data?  Is anyone willing to share their policy with me for reference?  Are there any other good sources of information on this topic out there?  As always, thanks for sharing your wisdom.


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